Lakson Investment Limited
Security Tips

Login Information

Do not disclose your User ID and Password to anyone including your friends, relatives or LAKSON INVESTMENTS Company Employess. Try to keep changing your password regularly and frequently. Change your password immediately when you think somebody has guessed or seen it and report the indicent to our representative at UAN: +

Web Browser

Make sure that you are typing you User ID and password on the correct LAKSON INVESTMENTS Company client login page provided for this service. Never store your login information on the browser. Always use the "LOGOUT" option to safely exit from client login page.

Computer & Software

Always update/patch the operating system on regular basis. We recommend using Microsoft XP with the latest service pack available. Install the latest version on Antivirus. Do not use LAKSON INVESTMENTS client login from a shared PC such as Net-Cafe's etc.

Fraudulent Websites and Emails

Protect yourself from fraudulent websites and emails. For example, watch out for copycat Websites that deliberately use our Web address very similar to, but not the same as The intent is to lure you into clicking onto their Website and giving your personal information, sucu as you User ID and password. Always check to see that you have typed the correct Website address before conducting a transaction. People are usually mislead by fraudulent emails, which give an impression that email was sent out from us thus causing compromise on you security information.


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